Don’t make the mistake of putting yourself or your savings at risk! Set an appointment with trusted professionals in holiday lighting and removal!

Untangling lights, climbing a dangerous ladder and freezing outside while putting your lights up? Sound familiar? With over 15,000 injuries consistently happening every year due to Christmas decorating it’s no wonder why you may feel hesitant about getting your lights up this year.





Our professional service is safe, prompt and a cost-effective solution to your holiday lighting needs! We make sure to custom fit your lights securely, ensuring your family and holiday enthusiasts can enjoy the joy of lighting brought to your home. It’s time to safe money and stay safe this year by letting the professionals handle your holiday lighting concerns!

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Holiday Homes Decorated!

We install Christmas lighting in Murrieta, Fallbrook, Temecula, Wildomar, Lake Elsinore and surrounding areas.  See our gallery below! 


Our Customers Say About us

Extremely impressed! I was so stressed with Christmas lighting this year. My husband had hurt his back, so I asked him to give this a try. I couldn’t imagine coming back home to the lights looking this good! Thank you guys!!

Natalie BarnerHappy customer

I’ve put lights up myself for years, but it’s such a pain and I’ve actually had some really close calls. I’m getting older and decided to try this company out. I couldn’t believe my eyes after I had got home. Beautiful work!

Jim CollinsworthHappy customer

My wife absolutely loves the holidays and insists on lights going up every year. I had fallen off a ladder last year so there wasn’t any way I was going to do it again. I called, they came and wow. She agrees, they do a better job anyway – haha! Great job guys!

Ralph LencknickeHappy customer

Holiday Lighting FAQs


Important FAQ About Holiday lighting Installation & Removal

Do I need to be home for you to do the installation?

No. It is not necesary for you to be home during installation, however it is necesary that we meet with you at your home prior to installation. This is to ensure our company and the home owner have a mutual understanding about what is and what isn’t possible, including any other details the homeowner may provide such as access to the home, electril outlets or any other information felt needed for optimal lighting installation. 

If lights are used from your company are they purchased or rental lighting?

Lights used by our company are purchased from our company. This ensures that they are specifically tailored to fit your home and only your home and will become your homes lighting holiday lighting kit.  

If lights are used from your company are they purchased or rental lighting?

Lights used by our company are purchased from our company. This ensures that they are specifically tailored to fit your home and only your home and will become your homes lighting holiday lighting kit.  

Can I use my own lights?

Personal holiday lighting can be used by the customer on a case by case basis, however it is ultimately up to our technicians to determine whether additional lighting will be needed to complete the job. In some cases, it may be determined that Personal holiday lighting can not be used at all. Our company is not held responsible for Personal holiday lighting and all lighting not supplied by our company will not be supplied with maintenance by our company. 

What about unforeseen circumstances such as weather or destructive rodents? Will maintenance be provided?

Unfortunately, weather and rodent damage to lighting is not covered under our maintenance. Maintenance is directly related to incidents per bulb or at the plug source of our company’s installed lighting. Severed lines are not covered.  Our company is not responsible for any electrical issues at any source of power provided by the clients home, both either prior or after installation of holiday lighting. 

What is your service policy and do the lights come with a warranty?

All lights and decorations come with a warranty as long as installed or uninstalled by our company. The lights are tested at the time of install and quality of workmanship is guaranteed. Pictures of work are taken by the installation team and sent to our customer’s email for records. No lighting owned by our customers is guaranteed. Lighting fitted by our team is marked for reference.    

How does removal of my lights work?

For any of our customers purchasing holiday lighting removal, our goal is to have all customer’s lights removed by the end of January, however this can fluctuate. Lights are taken down in order to date of service installed – in other words, installations first serviced by our company are uninstalled first and so on in order. 

Form Instructions

Step 1: – Tell Us About Your Home

1. What is the Square Footage of Your Home?
2. Do You Live in a Two Story Home?
3. Did You Want Lights Along the Side and Back of Your Home?
4. Are You Interested in Wrapping Your Trees or Bushes or Any Other Specialty Items?

Step 2: – What Kind of Lights Would You Like?

Let us know if you have your own holiday lighting or will be needing holiday lighting brought to you! We can provide warm Christmas lights or cool multicolored Christmas lights that include various color assortments. If you have specific requests or questions, please mention them in your email.

Step 3: – Schedule an Installation Date

It is important to book sooner then later as available time slots for appointments fill up fast! Please provide the date, time, address and your phone number so we can promptly get in-touch with you!


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